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18/03/2018 3:06 am  

What is happening with ATCC? What is the latest news? Can we sell as many ATCC on OhoCash as possible or are there any restrictions?

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22/03/2018 6:35 am  

Nothing is happening except false promises getting from last 8 months! MD Subhash is fool he doesn’t know how to manage such situations but devaluing the coin reputation himself by his most weird presentation aaa aaa aaaaa 

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22/03/2018 9:12 am  

I agree with BTC's comment. He has taken people's money and became rich. All the promises of accepting ATC for mobile, flight booking etc. are false. And people are still singing praises of Jariwala as if he has found cure for cancer. He fooled everyone. He had pre-mined coins, increased the price of ATCC by clicking on his laptop, his team mines the coins (mining is not open for everyone), and takes commission on ATCC trade on OhoCash. Now he has launched two more coins!!! What Bul*s*it

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25/03/2018 4:17 pm  

Jewria IS A FRAUD. He is sitting on people's money and allowing him to withdraw only 2000 rs per month from his Ohocash


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